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Fatman and Friends is an International Award-Winning producer of premium craft cocktails. Its range includes Fatman’s Negroni, Fatman’s Old Fashioned and Fatman’s Espresso Martini. They also make bespoke cocktails for other companies and bottle cocktails for St John Restaurant of Clerkenwell.

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All About Fatman And Friends

People often ask me why Fatman’s?
Technology has made us skinny. Our lives are being slowly hollowed out by our “always on” 24-7 culture. There’s never enough time to spend with the people we love, never enough time to cook a proper meal. Never enough time to relax and recharge. Little by little it’s driving our culture crazy, one email at a time.

Fat is a state of mind.

It’s taking your time to do things properly. It took me 18 months of work to perfect my Negroni. 18 months of tweaking and experimentation and tasting. There were no corners cut. This is not an “instant” cocktail. And every drop in Fatman's Negroni is aged for two months.

I wanted to give something back to people harassed by schedules and deadlines and the incessant ping of digital notifications. Take the philosophy of the Slow Food Movement, and apply it to an instant cocktail. So no matter how time poor you are – at the end of a busy day you don’t have to cut corners. You can still live off that fat of the land.

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Fatman And Friends

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