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Le Tarot Spirits is a UK-registered company inspired by a love for the South-West region of France and whose mission is to create exclusive, small batch products that are infused with fresh flavours. These partner perfectly with our artistic bottles which we believe are a masterpiece in their own right.

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All About Le Tarot Spirits

Early in our journey we realised that the mystique and artwork of the age-old Tarot card game often played in the area would perfectly translate to our creations, and it inspired the intricate hand-drawn designs that adorn our unique bottles. Our aim is to not only create a distinct flavour using botanicals found in this area of France, but to bottle it in a way that was equally vibrant in order to give our customers a product that is exclusive, artisanal and of the highest quality. Gins that take you on a journey from wherever you happen to be at the moment to an inspirational place, whisked away to experience the differences in culture, geography and the essence of Le Tarot Spirits.

Our debut gin, Soleil, is fine balance of essential oils distilled from our selected botanicals, combined with zesty aromas, giving you a gin to savour neat over ice with a peel of lemon or orange, or with a dash of your favourite tonic. A shapely glass bottle from Italy compliments the colourful and vibrant labelling to create the perfect addition to your collection.

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Le Tarot Spirits

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