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Nayra Jewellers is a luxury jewelry brand that creates and sells nickel free jewelry, coated with noble metals. Furthermore, the jewelry is finished with Abiding Shield technology. Abiding Shield technology is a colour retention technology, making the jewelry anti-tarnish and sweatproof. This technology allows the electroplating to last much longer and changes the appearance of the jewelry by making it look brighter and shinier (giving it a bigger glow factor).

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All About Nayra Jewellers

Nayra Jewellers is made up of 4 core values: luxury, design and innovation, spiritually, and light. Luxury is apparent due to the high quality and the fact that the jewellery is conveyed to be “Jewellery made for Queens”.

Nayra Jewellers brings designs that work well for both an every-day basis and special occasions. Innovations in design are seen through some unique pieces such as the Royalty bangle. The jewellery also allows one to connect with their emotions. For example, if someone is having a heart-felt day they may want to go for the Sweetheart collection.

Most importantly, Nayra Jewellers is about bringing light to ones life. The name Nayra means light and refers to one who brings light and radiance to the area surrounding them (as portrayed in the sparkly AAA cubic zirconia crystals).

Also, this aspect of light isn't just for a specific stereotype. It is for any woman who is in search of extra light and sparkle, no matter what background or ethnicity she comes from.

Nayra Jewellers, founded in 2022 by Zara, is named after her daughter (Nayra). Art and Design is something Zara has been passionate about since childhood and so has taken on the challenge of creating her own Jewellery brand and making her designs come to life.


Nayra Jewellers

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