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Ovcio is a scarf company utilizing the world's most comfortable hair - Alpas Cashmere to craft 100% cashmere scarves.

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All About Ovcio Scarves

When we traveled to Mongolia, we saw people smiling a lot and enjoying the cold winter with their cozy cashmere scarves. Then we started noticing the world's best hair - cashmere, which is a precious that our mother earth brings to us. So why don't we deliver it to people all over the world? As a group of engineers in Silicon Valley, we made a significant change in our career path. After one year of sourcing, experimenting and cooperating with Batu Jegu farm - a fourth generation family business who is proud to provide the world with the world's softest Mongolia cashmere, we started Ovcio - The aspirational lifestyle and cashmere scarf brand. 

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Ovcio Scarves

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