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UK born fashion designer and founder, Nandi Akin, of Statement Pieces Fashion is one to look out for. Established in 2020, Nandi has years of experience in the fashion industry. The brand designs unique, daring and statement-making pieces for any occasion and season, that are unforgettable!

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All About Statement Pieces Fashion

Over the years, Nandi has built a reputable brand and a buzz from her stunning artistry. Statement Pieces Fashion has designed for celebrity music artist, Yana Toma and the sensational artist, Sissy Lea. As well as being featured in Canadian and Parisian magazines, the brands collection pieces graced the runway during London Fashion Week at Fashion Show Live.

Statement Pieces Fashion prides itself on attention to detail and style. Every piece is flawlessly handmade and only the highest quality fabrics are used, delivering finery and glamour. Our clientele enjoy luxury, fun and high-end fashion.

The brand uses bold and edgy silhouettes, along with textures and patterns to create styles that inspire individuality. From best-selling pieces such as the Faux Leather Fringe Shirt to the Faux Goose Feather High-Low Couture Skirt or the Large Bow Bra Top (from Nandi’s new BonBon Collection), Statement Pieces Fashion is well known for its head-turning, handcrafted pieces.

Fashion is like a language which speaks a story about you. One of Nandi’s most loved statements are ‘communicate your expression through fashion’. Statement Pieces Fashion advocates for self-expression, self-love and quality which are some of the brands core values.

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Statement Pieces Fashion

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