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The shipping of our membership cards to the UK can take up to 5 working days for delivery (this can be delayed slightly in respect to bank holidays and national holidays delaying postal service operations) 

We do not take responsibility for any strike action imposed by either private delivery companies or the Royal Mail Service.

For Irish based customers the shipping time can take a maximum of 10 working days however this is often only in extreme cases.

The shipping cost (per membership/membership card) is a flat fee of £2.99.


If you receive a membership card that is either:

- Damaged

- Name misspelt on the card.

- Incorrect expiry date.

Please take a photo of the damage or error and email us directly.

Once we have seen the damage or error, we will be able to issue a replacement card free of charge.

If you lose or damage the card during your membership you are able to order a replacement card here.

Once a membership is purchased you have a 24-hour window in which to cancel your membership. In order to do so please email us directly and request to cancel your order. The reason the cancelation window is such a small time slot is due to the quick processing and shipping time. Once a customer's membership card has been dispatched from SILKS directly the order can no longer be cancelled.


What carrier do we use for shipping?
If we are issuing memberships to a UK address we will endeavor to use the Royal Mail Service in all applicable circumstances.

If we are issuing memberships to an address outside of the UK the carrier may vary.

What day will your package ship?
Your package will ship within 48 hours of the order being placed or if placed during the weekend the next working day (Monday - Friday)

Where in the world do we ship to?
We currently only ship to the UK and Ireland.

Do we offer free shipping?

We only offer free shipping on cards that have been damaged or have been printed with an error from the initial point of purchase. Any damaged or lost cards that occur after receipt of delivery need to be replaced at the customers own cost (a nominal admin/shipping fee)

It has been a week since I placed my order and I still haven't received my membership, what should I do?

Dependent upon where your preferred postal address is located can impact on the delivery times.

If you are based within the UK you should receive your item within 5 working days however if you are still waiting to receive your item after 8 working days since placing your order please contact us directly.

For customers based in Ireland we give a maximum wait time of 10 working days to receive your order. If the time has gone past this 10 working day window please contact us directly to resolve this matter.

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