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Established in 2013, Camilla Rose specialises in beautiful, sculptural handmade hats, headpieces and hair accessories for every occasion. Founder and creative director Camilla Robertson, designs and hand crafts her striking hats and headpieces from her studio in Hampshire.

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All About Camilla Rose Millinery

Her knowledge of textiles and interior design are predominant in her work, in which she explores architectural shapes, forms and textures. Alongside her seasonal collections, which can be customised, Camilla also offers a hat hire service, bespoke commissions and bridal headpieces.

With sustainability in mind Camilla's Hat Hire service was set up in 2017, she now has a large range, all of her own design and continues to have rave customer reviews. It is a great way for women to expand their wardrobes and wear fabulous headgear for a fraction of the price.

Camilla has a loyal client base and her hats are regularly worn by stylish race goers, wedding guests, members of the British Royal family and racing presenters. Her work regularly features in leading international press and in 2021 she became a member of the British Hat Guild.

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Camilla Rose Millinery

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