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Time fades, fashion changes, but true beauty remains eternal.” - L’Amour Pearls

L’Amour Pearls is a woman-owned luxury sustainable jewelry brand that helps you experience the sensation of owning beautiful, handcrafted pearl jewelry.

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All About L'Amour Pearls

L’Amour Pearls was founded by Shiya to honor her grandmother, who taught her the beauty of pearls, the strength of will, and the wonder of life. Shiya herself is a Toronto-based technology leader who has cultivated an appreciation for the arts and fashion from a young age. Shiya’s upbringing on three continents opened her eyes to rich cultures and vibrant lifestyles that celebrate every moment of our lives. She learned about cultured freshwater pearls on the Isle of Wight in 2010 and was inspired to start L’Amour Pearls with the support of her loved ones. The brand was then on hiatus for eight years, until 2021, when Shiya decided to breathe fresh life into her pearls. L’Amour Pearls is reborn with a passion fiercer than ever to ignite beautiful souls just like yours.

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L'Amour Pearls

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