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Register Your Amazing Hotel Accommodation As One Of SILKS Unique Race Day Holiday Destinations.


Thank you for becoming a
unique SILKS partner.

After reading the PDF booklet we've sent you we now require you to provide us with all the information we need in order to create your bespoke magazine articles, editorial, social media promotional content and more.

Please fill in the form below and once we have the relevant details we're good to go!

As always if you have any questions please email the team and we can assist you with anything you may need.

Terms And Conditions

Unlike many companies who hide their terms and conditions in small print and on a separate page we pride ourselves on being clear, concise and transparent in everything we do and as such we've put our full terms and conditions at the front of this page prior to you providing any details.


SILKS Holiday Property Partnership - Terms And Conditions

1. The length of agreement is one year, plus an additional 14 days from the date in which the below form is submitted or the date of the magazine launch. (Whichever is later)

2. By filling in the form below YOU (the hotel provider) acknowledge that, to the best of your ability, all information provided is factually accurate and of legal standing.

3. By filling in the form below YOU (the hotel provider) give SILKS the rights to use the information provided in which they see fit with the sole purpose of promotion.

4. By filling in the form below YOU (the hotel provider) acknowledges that you have full rights to the information and media you provide for the use of SILKS.
5. SILKS reserve the right to terminate this agreement at their own discretion at any time. If WE (SILKS) deem that YOU (the hotel provider) have acted in any way that may bring our relationship into disrepute or project a negative image for either party.

6. By filling in the form below YOU (the hotel provider) agrees to provide the discount, offer or promotion (as outlined in the form) to all SILKS members who book with you.
7. By filling in the form below YOU (the hotel provider) agrees to accept SILKS printed media (leaflet and business cards) to be made accessible to guests that attend your hotel premises.

8. SILKS agree to provide a minimum of at least 6 full page magazine promotional articles for the hotel each year.

Hotel Magazine Spread Mock Up.png

Advertising Your Hotel

Take a look at how your hotel may look in our magazine with this piece on the Brach Hotel in Paris, situated close to Longchamp Racecourse.

SILKS Hotel Property
Partnership Form

Social Media

If you would like us to utilise any of your holiday properties social media platforms please fill in the fields below. This is not compulsory.

Property Photos

Select up to five images you would like us to use in any editorial or social media content we produce on your property. We need a minimum of three images.

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